This is a small program I wrote to symplify my life as a Candidate Attorney. We keep all our clients on a google spreadsheet. The poor principle cannot afford Lexpro. Lexpro is in any case crap, not user friendly and way overpriced!
What it does is to import this google spreadsheet into a MySql table called Clients.

There are two ways of doing this: but before this can work you need to have a table with matching columns to your google spreadsheet and in the same order..

1. You can run a sql script or,
2. do it in php. I chose this route.

You can then view this, edit it and add to the table Clients. First though you have to log in.
It will check if you are a user, check your password then log you in.

Further to this, it will send an automated email once a month to clients who still need to pay.
I take Fee - Deposit = Oustanding. The date you paid the Deposit, one month on, and for every month after that, the client will get an invoice stating what he still owes.
Seeing that I have to work for a meager salary and on top of that also have to COLLECT it! Bizarre!

I have in installed XAMPP and CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor.


When you start up your XAMPP Control Panel please make sure Skype is NOT running.
You need to start Apache and MySql first then Skype.
Reason is Apache accesses the same port as Skype! LOL

To debug JavaScript I have used FireBug.

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